Definition and Effect of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage

Let’s talk about one of the hottest massage styles these days, Swedish massage.

If you first find out what a Swedish massage is, Swedish massage is a massage style that was born in Sweden, as you can feel from its name. Swedish is a Swedish style, It’s a massage style that uses the place of origin as its name. Swedish massage varies slightly from place to place in service, but the common method is to stimulate the lymph and remove waste using warm oil. One of the keys is to use warm oil, and since it is a full-body massage using it, it increases the temperature of the body, relieves fatigue, and releases waste easily.

What is the effect of Swedish massage?
There are many effects of Swedish massage, and let’s look at some.

  • Natural healing effect
    First, through massage using warm oil, it improves circulation in the body, gives good energy to the whole body, and releases endorphins to increase natural healing power. The circulation of energy in the body is one of the most important health factors in humans. If you get stuck in one place and your body’s circulation is not smooth and lasts for a long time, your body’s stiffness can worsen and even cause a major disease. Due to the Swedish massage that stimulates lymph, it can increase the circulation function of the entire body and increase immunity.
  • lipolytic effect
    Second, it effectively breaks down fat that accumulates easily in our bodies. The accumulation of fat in the internal organs or blood vessels in the body leads to obesity of adult diseases or various diseases, which effectively removes unnecessary fat accumulated like this because it improves the circulation function in the body.
  • Skin beauty effects
    Third, it helps with skin beauty. As waste accumulated in the body is removed and blood circulation is improved, sufficient blood is delivered to all parts of the body, which naturally makes the skin glossy and reduces dullness
  • Stress relief and sound sleep effects
    Fourth, it relieves stress and helps you sleep. The Swedish massage style uses oil, but also warm oil can maximize the scent effect of the oil. Since the natural aroma scent effect used for massage has the effect of improving stress relief sleep, the above effects can also be seen while receiving the massage.

Today, we learned about the definition and effectiveness of the Swedish temple site. Isn’t it amazing that you can get a bigger effect if you know it? Next time, I will come back with more useful massage information and tips!