Woori Casino is Korea’s leading online casino brand with 13 years of tradition. It boasts a huge scale of tens of thousands of cumulative users, and is still growing rapidly. So, what was the driving force behind our casino’s huge growth? Let’s take a closer look at the driving forces and advantages of our casino’s growth and its history.

If you’re interested in a casino site, you’ve probably heard of our casino at least once. Thanks to our casino’s reputation, many people who are new to online casinos have heard the name. Our casino started in 2007 and has been providing full-fledged services since 2008. The beginning was weak, but there were no competitors because the Internet was not yet deep into our daily lives.

Thanks to this, our casino quickly took the lead in the market. It is surprising that Woori Casino, which started its business quickly by predicting the potential of the online casino market early on, is surprising. Since then, it has continued to grow step by step, and is now dominating as the best online casino in Korea in name and reality.As a result, in 2021, Korea’s online casino market share was 53.8%.

Our casino, which dominated the online casino market in Korea, is now heading to Asia. This is the first step in a grand plan to enter the global online casino market using Asian markets, including China and Japan. Based on the technology and operational know-how secured in Korea, it is expected that it will be able to exert considerable influence in the Asian market. In order to target the Asian market, which is much larger than Korea, our casino is still struggling.